Instructions & FAQ

Spark to Flame is a journal dedicated to collaborative poetry. We pair poets to co-author poetry anonymously through submissions of poetry fragments (sparks). If a fragment is accepted, it is then sent to another author, who turns it into a cohesive poem (flame). You can choose to submit a spark and write off of someone else’s spark, or to only submit a spark. We also accept polished, co-authored poetry submissions.

Submissions for Issue Four will open in August 2024! See below for a detailed timeline.

Read our interview with Jim Harrison to learn more about what we are looking for from submissions!

NOTE: Starting for Issue Two we will nominate for Best of Net. Please let us know if you don’t want to be considered for nomination. When nominating, this means we will share your email and name in conjunction with your co-author through the nomination form.


What is your timeline for Issue Four?

What is a spark and what makes a good one?

What is a flame?

What are your basic guidelines for poems, sparks, and flames?

How do you assess sparks and match flame writers to sparks?

What happens if I’m selected to write a flame?

What happens after I submit my flame?

Can I submit in multiple categories?

How are bylines written?

Do you have submission fees? Do you pay for published poems?

Who can submit?

By submitting to us, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

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